Tropical Sno Challenge

Teens: Don’t like reading?  Never met a book you wanted to spend more than a minute with? Read everything by your favorite author and all of the good series and have nothing left?

Take the Tropical Sno Challenge!

If we can’t find you a book you enjoy reading by the end of the summer, we will buy you a Tropical Sno cone

What you need to do:
tropical sno cone1. Fill out the Help Me Find a Good Book form, or see me at the reference desk (here’s what I look like).

2. Tell me what books you’ve hated, which ones you’ve tolerated, and what you would be interested in, if only that book existed.

3. I will suggest five books for you. You must read at least 20 pages of each of these books. You can count this reading toward the Summer Reading goals and earn prizes along the way.

4. Let me know what you think. If you read more than 20 pages and liked it, we part ways till next time and you’ve got a book to enjoy! If you hated them all, you must tell me what you didn’t like about them and give me another try. We go back to Step 3.

5. If you couldn’t bear to turn to page 21 on any of the second set either, you’ve bested me and won the challenge.  I’ll buy you a Tro Sno cone and declare you an ultra-discriminating reader, whose reading tastes I will aspire to find books to match for the rest of my librarian days.

What are you waiting for?  Challenge me!
The fine print: This offer is open to TFML Cardholders in 6th-8th grade. Limit one sno cone (but unlimited book suggestions!) per member.  This offer expires August 3, 2018.