2017 YA Smackdown

31 Days

16 Books

15 Showdowns

1 Triumphant Book will be 2017’s YA Fiction Smackdown Winner!


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The YA Fiction Smackdown is our first annual month-long celebration of YA literature. It’s open to everyone because there’s something in YA literature for everyone! After you’ve filled out your March Madness basketball bracket, give our book bracket a shot.


How It Works

Bring your completed bracket in anytime this March, and you’ll receive a free book to keep.

Return it by March 12 and you will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Anderson’s Bookshop gift card.

Correctly pick the winner and you’ll be eligible to win a spot on our judging panel next year!

Each week sees another round of showdowns, judged by library staff & Teen Board members. Keep track of showdown winners every week on the bracket at the library and online.

Why Young Adult (YA)?

We think some of the best writing & most interesting characters around happen to be in YA books. Dystopian YA has been surging in popularity & we want to highlight the breadth of today’s YA books.

Why these books?

This list was selected by TFML librarians based on popularity, awards, best-of lists, and a few lesser-known favorites.

The Books

Category A: Living History
Match 1: Moments in African American History
Match 2: Untold Stories of WWII

Category B: No Day But Today
Match 3: Here and Gone

Match 4: 24 Hours

Category C: “I’m A Stranger Here Myself”
Match 5: Outsider Stories

Match 6: Secret Identities

Category D: Frame as Character
Match 7: Beauty Pageants

Match 8: Identity in the West