Locked in the Library Legends

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Antarctic Expedition
The year is 2030 and you’re part of an Antarctic expedition team coordinated by ANSMET, the Antarctic Search for Meteorites science program, that is following up on the discovery of multiple clusters of Martian meteorites. Your team will brave the icy landscape, follow the trail left by these clusters, and attempt to find additional meteorites that could finally prove that Mars was once capable of harboring life.

The Halloween Party
You and your siblings arrive at your cousin’s annual Halloween bash to discover she’s been cursed. Thankfully as a modern-day adventuring group, the three of you are well-equipped to help her solve the problem. Search the house for the magical items that are powering the curse and figure out how to stop it before the night ends and Halloween is ruined. 

Camp Quicksilver
You and your friends used to spend every summer at Camp Quicksilver, but an old camp ghost story has scared everyone off and now it’s closing for good. You and your friends have one last chance to save it: search the dark forest for clues and solve the strange puzzles you find littering the campgrounds in this choose-your-own-adventure style virtual escape room!