What I do at the library: I’m one of our librarians, so I help people find books and do research, answer questions about computers and mobile technology, and give reading suggestions. But I also plan events, maintain our website, buy our fiction and DVDs, and install/troubleshoot our computers.

What I like to do outside the library: I enjoy writing, watching movies, playing video and tabletop games, and getting outdoors for a run or a hike when the weather is nice. I like any creative outlet, so I also spend time painting or playing guitar when the mood strikes.​

I like books that whisk me away to other worlds, scare or thrill me, keep me guessing, or inspire me.

On my list expect to see horror, science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, action/adventure stories, biographies or memoirs of people I admire. You’ll also see all kinds of movies, graphic novels, and even video games!

Email me at: rachel@fordlibrary.org