What I do at the library: I’m one of the Circulation Assistants at the first public service desk you see at the Library, so we need to be on our game. I’m also our Public Relations Representative. In a nutshell, that means telling people why I love the Library. I do this by creating and giving content to our print and online venues, as well as local newspapers and sites.

What I like to do outside the library: I like to figure things out, from why something isn’t working, to how could it look nicer. This includes but is not limited to reading, writing, watching movies, telling jokes, making amateur electrical repairs, knitting and other handcrafting–I’m a longtime member of the Library’s Knitting Circle.

I like books that have one or more of these going on: I cherish the writing, I am compelled by the story, or I learn something new; when all three are there, it’s a hat trick. Some of my favorite subjects include death and disaster; immigration; redemption; and time travel.

One of my favorite authors is Scott Turow.

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