Mary Greska

Board of Directors, Library Foundation

Mary is married to Steve Greska, and their children Brigid and Daniel are in college. She is an elementary school librarian at Edison School in Elmhurst and she and her colleagues just published “Literacy and History in Action” for grades 5-12. Mary reads as much as she can, including audiobooks. She says, “They are very often the only way I can get through exercising. I read lots of fiction, and quite a variety. On occasion, I’ll pick up a non-fiction book, if it’s a funny memoir or if it’s about American history. Every time I visit the library, or go on the website, I find something new. My new favorite is Flipster for magazines!”

About her choice to serve, Mary explains, “I’m the Board of Trustees representative on the Foundation Board. I think it’s important to make sure that the lines of communication are open between all the people that volunteer for the different groups that support our library. The Foundation is amazingly supportive of the library and in so doing, of the Western Springs community as well, by funding programs and other special things that make our library as great as it is!”