Elizabeth J. Burns

Library Foundation

“In 1963, we moved to Western Springs and fell in love with Thomas Ford Library. Flash forward to 1992 when I was asked to serve as Library Trustee. Later, I joined the Foundation and have chaired both groups. I am most proud of being a Trustee during the addition and renovation project finished in 1996, especially our diligence in maintaining the original Welsh-cottage architectural integrity.

My husband Bob passed away in 2006. Our three children are grown and produced seven grandchildren, one of whom hooked me on the Harry Potter books! I like fiction- a recent favorite is “All the Light We Cannot See.” I like classics, and some non-fiction. I also seem to read a lot by ‘Googling’ for information!

After graduating from the University of Illinois, I taught English and Journalism at Riverside-Brookfield High School, and, years later, was a stockbroker at Charles Schwab. Now retired, I like travel, classical and rock ‘n’ roll music, film, theatre, exercise, bridge, church, and especially my family.

I am passionate about the Thomas Ford Library Foundation which offers a way for Library Supporters to give tax-deductible gifts, bequests, and memorials. Our goal is to build an endowment to guarantee a future stream of income for the Library.”