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Three Weeks is plenty of time to be a hero! If you haven’t joined One Heroic Summer yet, now’s a great time. Everyone who registers and logs before August 8th earns a free Chipotle entree, and will be entered to win one of our three fabulous prizes: a Makey Makey invention kit, a $50 gift card to Anderson’s Bookshop, soon to be opening in LaGrange, or a $50 Amazon gift card.

Western Springs Teens Review

Find your new favorite book thanks to teens participating in One Heroic Summer!

  • Edison’s Alley by Neal Shusterman
    Posted by Heather on July 6, 2015 at 6:49 pm

    I really enjoyed Edison’s Alley, by Eric Elfman, and Neal Shusterman. It is the second book of the Accelerati Trilogy. The plot was really good, and was a compelling read. Review by The Magic Schoolbus […]

  • Neversink by Barry Wolverton
    Posted by Heather on July 6, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    I overall enjoyed Neversink. I expected the book to be a little bit more exciting, but it was pretty good. Review by The Magic Schoolbus […]

  • Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger
    Posted by Heather on July 6, 2015 at 6:43 pm

    This book is full of suspense and I could’t put it down. The two characters are very realistic because they act like us and one has a bully. Review by TheStrik […]

Summer Reading from Lyons Township High School

LTHS has selected a great list of titles to choose from this summer. If you need some guidance, we’ve sorted their list into categories based on what the reading experience is like. Are you more interested in reading about interesting characters, a good story, figuring out a puzzle, or thinking deeply about ideas? All of the same books are included. We have multiple copies of all of the books on the list and can help you find a book from the list that you’ll like to read!

Original list

Reading experience-based list

Available as ebooks or downloadable audio


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Tropical Sno Challenge

It’s back for the 4th year in a row – Heather’s TroSno (formerly Slurpee) Challenge.  Follow the instructions in the link above, and if Heather can’t find  you a book that’s good enough that you want to finish it, she’ll buy you a Tropical Sno Cone!